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Canoeing in Sardinia

On the river Coghinas

Together with New Kayak Sardinia, holiday houses Sa Fiorida offers, all year round, canoe rental and excursions along the river Coghinas. Given the very limited slope of the river and since there are no rapids but only a slight current, the canoe descent can participate not only professionals, but also families with children. 

The longer of the two paths of the Baths of Casteldoria and ends after 11 km at the mouth of the river, after about 4-5 hours, in the setting of St. Peter the beach Valledoria. Alternatively c is the second path which takes about 2-3 hours departing from Badesi bridge. 

New Kayak Sardinia offers year round canoe rentals for outings at sea and along the river Cohignas (Valledoria / Castelsardo). On the Coghinas river (in some points no wider than one meter deep and 20 cm) you can explore the surrounding places of Valledoria from a completely different and incredibly beautiful point of view. 

Far from civilization, you discover unspoilt nature, difficult to find in one of Europe 's area. Peace and solitude that reigns along the river bed creates an ideal habitat for many rare species of aquatic birds. An avid canoe and nature lover, Vittorio Marras (New Kayak Sardinia), offers, all year round, canoe trails along the river Coghinas.