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Sardinia - Island of colours, fragrances, beauties and treasures

Holiday homes and houses embedded in an unforgettable landscape

Every metre of our beaches deserves a visit, a trip or a long stay. And why not? For those who don't want to lay in the sun and take a swim during the hot summer months, the hinterlands of Sardinia offer surprises and possibilities which are just as inviting. Most of all it's the scenery. They say that Sardinia is a true continent. On our islands you can find an extraordinary variety of sceneries, panoramas and places, bringing you to believe that you are faced with a miniature continent.

The province of Sassari is full of high points, lakes, rivers, woods, plains and hills. All in small dimensions which are well visible and maybe that is why they can be enjoyed directly. One of the highest mountains of the province is Limbara, near Tempio. It reaches almost 1.400 m., it is located in an abundant forest area and therefore a destination very appreciated by those who love excursions, because even during the hot summer months they can always find a small shady spot to rest. Going towards the west you can find the artificial basin of Tula. This abundantly guarantees the provisions of drinking water, but the practice water sports (water skiing, regattas, surf) are ever more requested. The same for the Diga Liscia, an artificial lake in the north east of Tempio. The forest vegetation here appears less florid as that of Limbara. The point of attraction are two olive trees that are more than 2000 years each (Millenium Olive trees), of incredible dimensions. Speaking of trees...

For the worldly ad hoc it is really hard to imagine what Arizona (Usa), Siberia (Russia) and Sardinia can have in common. And even so it is true. Sardinia is one of the three areas in the world where the so-called Petrified Trees (from Prehistoric times) can be found. More precisely these can be found near the resorts of Perfugas (13) and Martis. With one exception they are spread throughout the area. Thanks to a "Night and Fog" action of a land owner (who, worried about avoiding probable expropriations of his land, which were predictable considering the archaeological value of the findings, one night decided to roll the Petrified trunks towards the river) some of these trunks are now to be found in the bed of the Rio Altana river near Perfugas. Speaking of this, we suggest visiting Martis, a small town about 5km. away from Perfugas (which has a beautiful park where part of the trunks are kept). Please don't bring hammers and chisels with you!

A visitor will also be surprised at the sight of the Moon Valley near Aggius. The natives of the place decided to give this vast region this name, ideal for excursions, because some stone buildings, which are in part strange and imposing, lay there sparingly. As the tradition wants in Sardinia, many of these boulders have a name. Surely the most famous one is the priest praying - he keeps his hands clasped in front of his face. Will you find him? In the forests near Aggius, there are few boulders in evidence when compared to the many mushrooms. Towards the middle and end of September, in fact, after the first rainy days, you can see some cars parked on the borders of the road. But they didn't break down. The owner of the car is surely equipped with a plastic bag or a basket and is hunting for slugs, porcini mushrooms or champignons.

For those who, during a long trip, would like to dedicate themselves not only to nature but would also like to enjoy a particular scenery, we suggest a trip on Mount Osoni (behind the villages) or to San Gavino, near Viddalba. From both of these mountains, depending on the weather, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the valley, the sea up to the island of Asinara or the Red Island or even Corsica. A confidential tip for romantics and photographers: sunset from Mount Osoni with Castelsardo and the Asinara Island as a scenario! For those who prefer the sea, we suggest an excursion to the islands. Every week we organize a boat trip which starts in the morning at 9:00 near Santa Teresa, directed towards the beautiful beaches of the Spargi and Santa Maria Islands (it includes a typical lunch on board) and returning in the evening at 5:00 pm. Because of the uncountable beauties of this fascinating island it is easy to get excited, but there is always a doubt that not all has been mentioned. And this is the case.

The Neptune Caves, near Alghero, are surely the peak of every vacation in Sardinia. The experts say they are the largest caves in Europe. Unfortunately not every part of the caves is passable and in fact you can only spend about an hour in them. They are reachable by means of over 660 steps (sport variant) or by boat (from Alghero) which brings the passengers right to the entrance.