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Living Sardinia - Sardinian cooking classes

Unmissable, the cooking classes in every season ...... ..Case house Sa Fiorida invites you to experiment with recipes, products and secrets of local cuisine.

Our cooking courses are a pleasant time to discover the little secrets of the Sardinian cuisine: from bread to cheese and honey to vegetables!

Held by our multilingual team, the courses aim to bring our guests to the flavors and local productions; it is a short journey that starts from the illustration of the essence of the place until the realization of simple repeatable recipes at home through the description of the tools used.

Fundamental the direct link with our partners of the territory through which we can ensure the uniqueness of products and recipes.

In addition to small tasting it is therefore possible to have a whole range of advice and information for participants interested in buying products to take home as souvenirs.

At the end of the course you can also buy from us already some of the products tested during the course of useful crafts and small artifacts in the kitchen.