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Sailing school

In the mouth of the river Coghinas

They say that ... every great captain has started from small .... The sailing school Playsardinia offers courses at different levels. Beginners start on the mouth of the Coghinas, while advanced students can also sail on the sea ..... 

The North coast of Sardinia, favored by an idyllic location, offers a variety of small coves. Most, however, are accessible only by sea. It is choosing to spend an hour to rent a motorboat or a sailboat for a romantic and exciting journey. But we can use a boat? The sailing school offers several courses PlayaSardinia. 

The base is located at the mouth of the river Coghinas. The sailing conditions are ideal both for beginners who can sail on shallow, calm waters of the river Coghinas and for advanced with low seabed.

The sailing school PlayaSardinia offer all year sailing courses on the river and on the sea